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Re: Audi owner loyalty

One of this month's car mags (either C&D or R&T) has a comparison of the big
foreign luxo-cruisers.  The A8 only finishes in the middle (after Lexus and
BMW), due to poor tires and tall gearing which conspire to make it the worst
wallower in the bunch (it could have been number 1).

Ralph Poplawsky
91 200Q

At 08:03 AM 3/12/98 -0800, you wrote:
>>From a business standpoint, probably wasn't such a great move to sacrifice
>important capacity for a low volume vehicle like the A8.  It is getting
>killed in the market.
>>> Mercedes
>>>increased their sales last year more than Audi, up 34.6% vs. 24.8% for
>>i believe us audi sales have been limited by capacity for over a year...