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Part numbers, and overheating problems

Hi all,

Last Sunday night I replaced the fuel pump. Fro those who haven't
has this problem, I can tell you that there was no warning, it just
died, (165k miles) driving down the road at 25 mph, just a half
mile away fom home. ( At least it died close to home...)

The pump I pulled out had the part number 0-580-245-016. The
replacement pump was identican in shape and fittings, but had the
part number 0-580-254-005.

It was past 8:00 pm, I had jsut got back that evening from Atlanta,
and I only wanted to close up the hole, and get rid of the gasoline
fumes, ( also wanted my car back on the road ), so I just put it in
and it seems to work.

Does anyone have any idea as to the part number difference ?

Next problem, has re-occured recently, is an overheating problem
where I lose coolant out the filler cap whenever I drive the car hard.
The car gets hot, 65 to 70% of the guage, and the coolant bubbles
out the reservoir.

No problems with gentle driving habits, but hates idling a lot in start
and stop traffic situations.

I am running 1.8 bar, goes into high boost regularly when I pust it hard,
and that's when the overheating symptoms appear.

'86 5kQ