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Crank Bolt - Thanks Phil

My project car had a front ender, and the key on the pulley
side had sheared off.  Frank Bauer was nice enough to loan
me the special tool for removal, but the car still moved backwards,
even with the pulley fixed.  I.E the pulley was spinning.  I went
out and bought an impact wrench, but that didn't get it either.

Last night, I tryed the procedure that phil posted to the net some
time back for removing a engine main bolt.  This procedure
made use of a bolt inserted into a hole in the flywheel
through the side of the housing.  It worked great thanks phil!

Since the front was off the car and the belts were all wrapped
around the prverbial axle, I just had Suzi rotate the crank 
while I looked with a trouble light and inspection mirror from
underneath.  The bolt was in in two minutes.  Very slick!

I was glad to see that the nose of the crank was clean, and all
I need is a new timing belt pulley with a fresh key.

paul timmerman