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does 5KSQ + 80 km/h + big dog = write off?

>Considering the price of these cars.  Do you think the insurance company
will write the car off?  I hope not, but I wonder how much and how well
something like this can be fixed?<

I can tell you how much I was quoted for my left side bumper and fender damage
on the '87 5KS.  The bumper and shroud has to be replaced, the left headlight
and turn signal area rebuilt, the fender replaced, and the hood painted.  The
frame also needs some slight straightening right up front.  The grill was
undamaged as was the hood (but it needs some painting due to fading)  Here's
the parts list:

Lt Fender - $287
Front Bumper - $386
Front Bumper cover Assembly - $324
Left Marker Light - $28.25
Left H/L Refit - $117.70
Apron Seat (?) (almost illegible) - 36.45
Bumper Center Mould - $122.30
Hood (painting) (price in spot painting cost)
Fender Face (?) Bar - $14.95
Straighten Frame - $160

Total parts 1317.95  Total Body Labor 361.60  Spot Paint  218.40  Body Supply
108.48 Misc 42.00  Tax 168.58   

With new parts, the cost at Peach was $2217.01, which seems a little less than
the "book" value.  With used parts, the price drops to $1300.  It looks like
damage that isn't really permanent, even with the frame straightening.  If you
like the car, try to keep the insurance company from totalling it out as you
can probably have a little money left over by using used parts but getting a
quote using new parts.  Will the car ever be the same?  That's for others to
answer, especially regarding the steeering rack.

Good luck!

d(who's Audi is at the tranny shop getting the seals replaced today...not a
moment too soon)weil