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Puzzled in the rain

Josh writes:

>I've done similar maneuvers on highway exit/entrance ramps in my A4q (wet
>and dry roads), and I too am puzzled.  The constant squeal of the
>continental tires (in the dry) stand as testament that the car was near
>it's limit.  On the throttle results in more squeal from the fronts as the
>car pushes more.  Off the throttle results in the rear end lightening up
>and the front 'tucking in'.  In the wet, sometimes I'll get understeer
>while on the throttle, and *more* understeer when I get off the gas (as
>well as a resonating sound from the front end as both front tires slip
>angle becomes too extreme for the conditions).  I guess that we're still
>driving below 7/10s (what the hell is 11/10s anyways???) or something...
>- Josh

Exactly the verge of the bite, is when you cross that "feel" and into an
"off".  Trying to control that "off" is the definition of 11/10's.  Several of
drivers can go there and come back at will.  I argue that exactly isn't a
Torsen Center car.  Since you can't predict the above based on slip angle and
traction, when you lose all of one, and start gaining more of the other, you
are along for a ride, and time stops, because all inputs are either ignored or
preempted by Tshift.

Hello Mr Spider.  He can make a mess of your pants too.....  :)

Scott Justusson