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Perplexing Quattro Dilemma

       From the list of expenses you showed it doesn't really look like you
have wronged by the seller.  ANY and I repeat ANY 12 year old car is going to
need constant maintenance and repair.  It doesn't matter who the manufacturer
is.  The audi 4000q has a durable drivetrain and is capable of going for a lot
of miles,  but you have to keep after it.  Its economical if  you do the work
yourself , less so if you have to pay someone.  The people doing the selling
and repairing are not magicians, nor are they able to see into the future.  If
you have a problem 3 or 6 months after you bought a 12 year car you can hardly
blame them.
   Thats probably not what you wanted to hear, but IMHO it will be valuble
advice to keep in mind when purchasing your next car.
                                    Paul Balko