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Thinking about buying '90 Coupe Quattro

In message <199803121742.LAA03818@o2.eai.com> cwhanlon@eai.com writes:

> I'm also worried about the mileage.  How many miles do the
> 20 valve engines usually last (I know, not an exact question,
> but I don't expect an exact answer :)

The real answer is that nobody knows - not enough have broken yet to give us a 
good idea.   The bottom end of the post-1982 5-cylinder engines is just about 
bomb-proof.  I know of only one example (1982) among hundreds of cars where a 
re-shelling and crank grinding would now be beneficial.  I know of no later 
cars with bottom end problems.

The top end is slightly different since the hydraulic lifters, valve stem oil 
seals, and sometimes even the valve guides _do_ wear out.  Most cars need the 
lifters swapping out somewhere between 110000 and 150000 miles.  The valve stem 
oil seals perhaps a little earlier - good idea to do both at once.  Both are 
relatively trivial head-on jobs.  Valve guide wear, as a _problem_, is rare 
(IMO) below 200000 miles.
It's an interference engine.  Don't even _accept_ the vehicle and drive it down 
the road if the timing belt hasn't been changed.  Aged/worn timing belts have a 
nasty habit of breaking if they've been sitting on a lot for even a few weeks.

If the engine has been modified in _ANY_ way - seek EXPERT advice.

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club