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Tunnel Vision

>and with the locker.  remember that orin made the point that the same thing
>will happen with the locked centre (tshift depending upon traction/slip
>ref: the lifted wheel scenario.
'>95 rs2
>'9 ur-q
Uh...   No.  Relative/Slip Angle to a locker is NOT a variable.  A locker
interprets slip as a constant, UNTIL you lift a wheel.  There is the
difference dave.  Only if you lift a wheel or assume different cf wheel to
wheel can you make the above statement.  A locker does NOT interpret slip
angle as a Tshift.

As a locker goes to a large slip angle, you have either Trg reduced OR a
reduction in the front driveshaft speed.  Why?  Because a locked locker is NOT
a differential, by definition.  So a locker sees slip as absolute traction,
and should, since it doesn't "re-distribute" torque.  So a locker does
"better" with slip, it doesn't do better in a straight line.