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Firesale, mostly 4kq, some 5ktq parts

Grumble, grumble....

Seems the landlord went and lost his house in court recently.  So
I've got to vacate my nice cushy 3+bay heated garage space in the
near future.  Many items that I have no need for must go or be junked
due to lack of storage...

potential scrap metal is as follows:
* fenders and hood from an '86 5ktq     $25 each
  grey, straight, fenders have typical sandblast effect on bottom
trailing edge.
* grey cloth powered barco loungers from 86 5ktq $10 each
* grey leather heated powered barco lounger, passenger only from 86 5kt

* 87 4kq right side doors, silver, no regs or door panels $15 front $10
* 87 4kq trunk lid, looks good outside, rusty lower on inside w/spoiler
$15, without $5
* 87 4kq hood, red underside, two tone silver/grey on top  $25
* 87 4kq right front fender, $25
* 87 4kq left front fender, seen better days $10
* 87 4kq stock aero headlights/marker lights, still in one piece,  $45
* 87 4kq rear center taillight/reflector panel, one crack as is $15
* 87 4kq used (original probably) radiator $30 and condenser  $20
* 87 4kq motor, complete (manifolds/AC/alt) ~145k $160
  without alt and exhaust manifold $115, lower end only $50

* 84 4kq lower end ~212k running fine when pulled for turbo swap $45

All parts are located near Concord, NH.  Buyer pays for
shipping/handling, or
the first beer if you come pick stuff up....  ;-)

Other misc. parts are kicking around and available, but aren't causing a
crunch.  E-mail if looking for something specific...