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Re: HELP: does 5KSQ + 80 km/h + big dog = write off?

Lucky for you, your local salvage yard is a complete jackass. The same results may not
be available in most cities.


Mike Arman wrote:

> >From: David Marshall <david@volkswagen.org>
> >Subject: HELP: does 5KSQ + 80 km/h + big dog = write off?
> >
> ((snip))
> >
> >When I got home I looked at the damage a little closer.  The "tube" on the
> >inside of the engine bay that holds the bumper is crumpled and pushed in
> >about 1.5".  The headlight and signal light are totally smashed and the
> >brumper cover is cracked to pieces with the whole bumper moved over to the
> >passanger side about 2".  The fender is 0.25" closer to the passanger door,
> >but there is no creases in the fender or the hood.  There is now a wobble
> >in the steering wheel and the car pulls to the left a bit now.
> >
> >Considering the price of these cars.  Do you think the insurance company
> >will write the car off?  I hope not, but I wonder how much and how well
> >something like this can be fixed?
> >
> You can fix this yourself, prefectly, with mostly nuts and bolts work.
> All these parts are easily and even inexpensively available in junkyards,
> the best of which are the "U-pull-it" variety. Spend half a day there
> scavenging, and you'll be utterly amazed what you can get.
> Local one here in Daytona has 5 or 6 of these cars, and here are
> representative prices:
>         Bumper, complete (leave the tubes bolted to it - they'll think its part of
> the bumper and won't charge extra) $30.
>         Fender, $30
>         Headlight assembly $15 (yep, the $$$$ "Aero" headlight!), parking light
> assembly $6 (bought one last week as a spare)
> The wobble and pull is probably a bent lower control arm - $15, see notes
> on how to replace (sway bar must be unbolted). Get front end realigned.
> You'll feel lots better once you've unbolted the damaged parts and start
> putting it back together again.
> If this were mine (and I sure hope this remains a totally theoretical
> discussion for me!), I'd let the insurance company pay me one dollar less
> than the amount needed to total the car, and fix it myself.
> Then take the extra money and get a good paint job.
> Best Regards,
> Mike Arman