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20V Engine

Hey Q-listers!

My mechanic is going to be transplanting a '91 200TQ motor into his
'90 Coupe...he just found the replacement motor after a long search. 
After the transplant, he will be selling the 20V motor and computer
from his car (around 120K, new t-belt and w-pump).  May make a nice
upgrade for other cars.  I would guess that it will not be out of the
car and available for 3-4 months.

I told him that I would post to the list and see what the going rate
is for the package and the interest level.  Any takers?  Email me
directly at dglanz@yahoo.com.  


Douglas P. Glanz

90 V8Q 129K
87 Alfa Milano, 67K
83 Alfa Spider, 108K

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