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Re: Steering rack seal kit for 5k

On Thu, 12 Mar 1998, geo wrote:

> and girls) I decided I would let him do the rebuild.  If any of you want
> to attempt the rebuild it sure is a lot less than close to $600 they
> want for a reman over-the-counter.  The kit does not include the rack

240.00 for a reman with ss sleeves.

> yourself for $150 in Canadian bux.  I understand remans use stainless
> steel sleeves and such, but I figured if the first one lasted 100k this
> will probably do me quite well.  The green stuff still stays in it.
> Time will tell.

Indeed it will.  The problem with the Audi rack is that the steel piston
rubs in the aluminum bore of the power assist cylinder, and ovals it out. 
After that happens, no seal kit will seal up for very long.  The ss sleeve
solves the problem by replacing the bore's inner surface with a hard ss
sleeve that is _round_.  My father, being the stingy guy that he is
replaced his seals a couple times before he lucked out getting a low
mileage rack at the wrecking yard.  He R&Red the rack about four times
last year though.  That was no fun. 

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