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Auto Transportation

Relating to the question about moving cars....

I recommend going to U-Haul and renting their "Auto Transport".  This 
is a specially designed double-axle trailer which carried all 
four wheels of the car off the ground.  It has weight-activated 
brakes and easy to use tiedowns.  Renting one from Washington to 
Texas last summer cost me only $165, so a local rental would be 

This is a superior transportation methid, but some things you must 

1)  You MUST have a hitch rated to carry the weight of both trailer 
and vehicle towed, or U-Haul will not rent it to you...and you should 
NOT use one if you don't have the right hitch, anyway.  Their trailer 
weighs 2100 pounds and most cars will run close to 3000 pounds, so 
you need a class 3 hitch.  Don't forget about tongue weight, too!  
This will put some serious tongue weight on the towing vehicle.

2)  A pickup truck with rear step bumper conforms to the needed 
specifications above.  Most passenger cars do NOT.

3)  To get a non-running car onto the trailer, bring a come-along and 
about a 20 foot heavy chain.  Then it's relatively easy to pull 
the ramps down and winch the car up on the trailer.  A decent 
come-along can be had at most auto stores for about $45.

Good luck; hope this helps.

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