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Re: parts car and transporting it

> Oh yeah, you both mentioned triple-A
> I thought AAA was done on a car by car basis.  Can I get them to tow the 'new'
> Audi even if the info is for my existing one, or my truck?

AAA Plus is the best investment I've ever made.  It follows the person,
not the car.  If you're with a friend and their car breaks, you can have
it towed.  With Plus you get up to a hundred miles.  I've brought 2
parts Audis and one parts dorF truck here with it.  I've been towed home
four or five times in three years.  Gotten jump starts.  Had a flat
replaced on my truck one night (no jack, nice clothes...)  I've had my
truck towed 100 miles once in upstate NY to a repair facility a customer
was able to recommend (let's not even go into that trip!  Let's just say
I could have paid for a nice week somewhere warm and sunny with all the

They will tow anything you ask anywhere you ask.  No problem at all. 
You don't have to own it, or even be there (though it helps).  Just give
them their $70 or whatever a year.  By the way, you technically only get
four free road calls per year.  And the year it isn't a good deal
economically - means you didn't get towed, and that's great too.

End of promotional rant for AAA!

Huw Powell


'82+many Audi Coupe - where can I get stainless steel body parts?