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on the subject of "no subject" (little Audi content)

A downside of receiving the list in Digest form is the need to remember
that replies to the list always require a subject line to be created (or
copied). I apologize for having neglected that a time or two. The most
recent being a few moments ago. The sure-fire thing that gets me to
remember is hitting the darn "send" button. Immediately, the defective
neurons spring into action: Hey, what? You did it _Again_?

I'll try to do better. At least I've never re-posted an entire copy of the
digest (but I've come darn close).

Phil Rose

P.S. The Audi content: Last I looked, the oh-so-nice pearl/platinum,
low-mileage '91 CQ was still FS at John Holz Audi here in Rochester, NY. I
think they're down a fair amount from the previous stratospheric asking
price, but still pretty high (>$15K). Nice car, though. I spoke with the
previous owner and found out some things about the car that the dealer is
unaware of (nobody is surprised, right?). Let me know if more info is

Phil Rose		Rochester, NY
'89 100			pjrose@servtech.com