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RE: looking for info

Thanks. I am glad that this list is not Quattro-only. What I want to
know is the basic technical info about Audi 1989 80(USA) model
(i.e. horsepower, weight etc.) I searched the Internet and I could not
find anything except information about Quattro.
If you can answer some of my questions it will be great, or please give
me an e-mail address where I can find some info.




	 I do not want to post an unrelated to Audi Quattro list e-mail,
but if
> > somebody is willing to answer same questions which I have about Audi
> 80
> > '89 please let me know.
> hey, post it to the list.  It's not Quattro-only.  All Audis (or
> anything close!) are welcome!  I have a 2wd Audi and I waste lots of
> people's time here.  I even answer a question every once in a while.
> Welcome...
> -- 
> Huw Powell
> http://www.thebook.com/human-speakers
> '82+many Audi Coupe - where can I get stainless steel body parts?