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Re: QLCC Chip History

At 02:38 PM 3/12/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Perhaps someone would make a posting to the list about the QLCC chip. Post
>Its history, what it is or isn't and how these folks could get one.  I'm
>sure the story is very interesting. Certainly more interesting than the
>qlist being used as a message board. 

The qlcc grew out of an attempt to do a better job on the urQ ECU, along
with anger over Superchips, TAP, and someone else... Several people were
hacking the code on it, and the breakthroughs were about even. End result is
a stock 86 or 87 chip with the fuel pump cutoff moved wherever you want, up
to 1.95 bar. Some people are still farting around with timing mods...

Ned's 'unit' includes timing mods, and I believe he was the first to offer
the 2.5 bar transducer on 'upper stage' kits.

The history is pretty neat. Scott, Dave L, Steve E., Orin E., RDH, C. Smith
and several others are the culprits... RDH showed a few months back -
haven't heard from Charlie since last year after he broke his foot on his bike.

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