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Re: CGT 2.3L EM

>BTW, while looking for the OXS, I noticed that it is in front of the
>cat, is heated, and that the manifold/head pipe is a 5-2-1
>configuration.  The Bentley does'nt show this arrangement, just
>5-1 for the coupe, and 5-3-1 for the quattro.  Could this be a
>contributing factor in the NG motor's 130bhp vs 110 for the KX?

So I am not crazy!  ;)

I asked about this a while back, but no-one else confirmed that the 2.3L
Coupe GT used a different EM/downpipe than the typical 5-1 on the N/A
engines.  I did not look at the EM closely enough, but it appeared to be
a 5-1 unit, with this 2-tube downpipe bolted onto it.  Next time I visit 
my brother, I will look to see if the EM is actually 5-2.

I am sure this EM/downpipe helps the 2.3L breath a bit better, which in
turn helps it make the 130hp that it produces.  It seems that the 2.3L 80/90
did not use this 2-tube downpipe, according to reports I heard last time.
I don't know if the 4000q 5-3-1 EM/downpipe flows better, but I am curious
about it.

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