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Re: Cops, Valentine One

Theodore Harlan wrote:
> Alright. I think I'll buy a Dodge Omni. I just picked up my sixth ticket
> in 4 years. 25 in a 45. Blue Ash, Ohio. Cop was a real... jerk.

You'd better be careful about that threat!  A co-worker of mine has nice
black four-door Omni that his wife is insisting that he sell.

I can hook the two of you up if you like.


BTW, did I forget to mention that it's the Shelby modded version of the
GLH Turbo? ;-)  210HP in a car about the size and weight of a VW
Rabbit!  Scott J. could probably provide some interesting stories here.  

Gary G. Erickson         Secretary -- NW Quattro Club
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