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Mechanic in Dallas to check out Audi for purchase

Hi Gary,

I was recently up in Dallas and had some Audi problems that kept me
from immediately making it home to Austin.  Dealer up there was no
help at all, but I finally found a private shop by the name of 
Lord of the Rings.  Don't have the Owner's name or number with me
at the office here, but I can recommend them.  The guy was very
knowledgable and helpful.  One of the best mechanic experiences
I've ever had.  I was happy anyway.  I'd call info for Dallas
(maybe a lister up there can provide the shop's number, or at least
the correct area codes)

Good luck

> Subject: Mechanic in Dallas to check out Audi for purchase?
> I'm considering purchase of a '91 200TQ.  Can anyone direct me to a
> credible mechanic or dealer in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area to check it
> out?
> Thanks in advance!
> Gary Bracken
> Denver, CO
> (303) 969-9964