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Re: 90 coupe quattro

First, I want to thank all of you who wrote me.

After looking at this particular car, I'd say I'm going to pass.  Despite being
labelled as immaculate by the add, this car was far from it.

While not a terrible car, maybe even priced right, but definitely not a deal.

The car was red with black leather.  A lot of the interior had a whitish
residue on it, which didn't rub off very easily.  The car had hit something on
the front.  Look like impact was head on, probably into another car.  The front
plastic on the bumper was cracked.  If this car had come with a airbag, then
this could explain the whitish residue.  I could not find any mention of this
car coming with an airbag though.  The car had a 4 spoke audi steering wheel
that conveniently blocked all the control stalks.

There didn't seem to be any frame damage from the impact.  Just a cracked
bumper.  However there was a wobble in the stearing wheel at low speeds that
went away with speed.

The oil temp gauge didn't appear to work (wasn't lit and didn't register any
temp, could have been accidently unplugged?)

The car had 16 inch three peice wheels on it (well, they could have been 15).
 It didn't seem to have any power below 4k rpm, which bothered me.  Maybe this
is an attribute of the car, but I'd like to drive others to find out.

No records.  The owner said to me that he considered cars to be bits of
plastic, metal and rubber tied together.  This didn't appeal to me that much.

Overall, it was a disappointment.  I think I'll keep looking though.  The car
was very stable and handled pretty well at speed.  Unfortunately those leather
seats were very uncomfortable.  They had about 8 switches for adjustment, but
didn't have *any* side bolsters and *no* lumber support.  I hope these cars
have other seat options...