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'87 gtc air filter replacement (real post)

Sorry about the first post, accidently hit the tab key and mailed prematurely.

   Ok, here is my question.  I bought my fiance a gtc that had been hit in the
rear driver-side quarter panel for 2 grand.  The guy I bought it from restores
cars professionally and did an excellent job fixing it, documenting everything
with pictures.  (it wasn't hit that bad)  It had sat on the lot for ever and
he wanted to get rid of it.  The reason for sitting was the fact that the
title had reconstructed vehicle on it.  And 132k odd miles on it.  Of course I
bought it that day.
   I took it to my mechanic and he looked it over. No frame work was done,
like he said, and the engine was in excellent shape.  With the compression
still well within factory specs.  He offered me $3200 for it on the spot.  I
said no.
    So this is my first Audi, and I am in love... It is so nice to drive,
espically after I've spent all week in my turbo diesel Volvo wagon!
    My question is:  Does anyone make an aftermarket air filter for this car?
I am looking for something to replace the entire air box with high flow cone
filters or dome filters. (the dome filters like those made by HKS)
   I have been working on plans that that have the possibility of replacing
the box.  They are very feasable, but I know not where to send them or who to
have do them.
    I have heard that putting a K&N filter in the box will give me 7-10 extra
hp.  Is this true?  Would replacing the box with something that would mate
exactly to the air flow meter gasket and then to cones be an even bigger gain?

'87 Audi GT Coupe--(my baby)
'85 Volvo 760 Turbo Diesel Wagon--(the best defense against tailgaters; THE