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Re: Door Panel Removal

>To: oscargum@datasync.com
>From: "Doyt W. Echelberger" <Doyt@NWOhio.com>
>Subject: Re: Door Panel Removal
>In-Reply-To: <2689421@nwohio.nwonline.net>
>At 11:09 PM 3/12/98 EDT, you wrote:
>>If the weather stays nice this weekend I will attempt to take my door panels
>>off my '87 5KQ & lube everything I can find.  Also seal up air leaks.
>>Anyone have any experience on this project... Will play the radio loud to
>>keep in good spirits..
>Bob......Boldly unscrew and remove door lock plunger.
>Remove trim plate under handle of door opener by prying off at center of
inside depression. Hold the handle out to work, take out the screws under
the cup.
>Pop the cover off the vertical grab bar, located about 1/4 way back from
inside opener handle. Remove screws you can see  facing you and one screw
on the under surface in a hole. Out they come.
>Go to the upper top front inside edge of the door which faces the front
wheel (the part that's covered up when you have the door closed.) Take out
the Phillips screw.  Do same at top back inside surface that faces the rear
wheel, which can only be accessed with door open.

Put all the small parts in the ash tray of the rear door panel.
>Pop lower edges of door panel out by pulling/prying at about 7 points
along sides and along bottom edge, between panel and steel frame. Use
plastic pry bar to avoid paint damage.
>Jiggle and wobble panel gently until you see how it comes out of slot
along top edge.

Put the door panel in the trunk, or a safe place.
>That pretty much takes off the panel and stores it. Under it is a soft
flexible insulation pad that covered with clear plastic sheeting, and it
just folds up like a heavy curtain, from the loose bottom.It is a heat and
sound barrier. Probably can remain attached at top.
>Reinstall in reverse order of removal, as they always say.
>Good luck**.
>Doyt Echelberger
>87 5kcstq          

(just did the same thing to diagnose faulty operation of window regulator
on passenger front door.  Turned out to be a broken conductor, not switch
or regulator. Pried the switch out of the door on a working unit, swapped
it with faulty side switch to eliminate switch as cause. used 12 volt
battery to raise & lower window to prove good regulator motor and gears.
has to be faulty wiring, probably in driver door bundle.)
**Usual disclaimers and cautions about judgement and responsibility apply.
I am not responsible for damages to your door or the panel. You are using
the tools and the results belong to you alone. I am just describing how the
panel came off my car.