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Boge strut p/n numbers for 85 urq-still looking for answers

In message <4973ba30.35087fa9@aol.com> GaidosIII writes:

> I really need someone out there to answer these questions.
> First, it is my understanding that the 1985 urq uses a different
> strut then the more common 1983 urq. Is this true or false?

1983 _more_ common?  Not here in the UK.  1985 is more common.

The strut (more specifically the wheel bearing housing) changed because of
ABS from 857 412 025B to 857 412 025E.  The springs were changed from 'yellow'
to 'green/violet' on and after 85-EA-900329.

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club