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Re:Cops, Valentine One


I know why you get tickets...this is not the way to talk to the
pigs...er Police officers.
Don't BS em, Be polite and don't deny what you were obviously doing.
I own 3 red cars and I drive way to fast and get pulled over way too
often but it's rare that I get more than a warning. Cops are generally
not stupid. Don't treat them that way and you will have a better chance
of getting yourself off the hook.
As far as the Valentine one. Fantastic detector. Best I have ever had.
You have to buy it through V1 though. No discounts. I know they have
"reconditioned" units available from time to time at a discounted price.

Good luck!
Marc Gelefsky
86 4KCS quattro
86 Carrera Targa
88 944 Turbo
97 German Shorthaired Pointer

> Date: Thu, 12 Mar 1998 16:39:32 PST
> From: "Theodore Harlan" <trharlan@hotmail.com>
> Subject: Cops, Valentine One
> Alright. I think I'll buy a Dodge Omni. I just picked up my sixth ticket 
> in 4 years. 25 in a 45. Blue Ash, Ohio. Cop was a real... jerk.
> "How fast were you going?"
> "25, sir."
> "Bullshit. Do I look stupid to you?"
> "Not particularly."
> "So you are calling me a liar."
> "You or your radar."
> Hilarity. What really kills me is all of the people saying we need more 
> police. They ought to ride with me for awhile. As an aside, a co-worker 
> of mine saw her new car stereo stolen a few days before. Two blocks from 
> where I was cited. No revenue in stereo-theft-prevention.
> So I have yet another ticket. I am going to buy a Valentine One before I 
> get another haircut, toothpaste, or pair of shoes. My question:
> Is it possible to legally buy a new V1 for less than the $400 MSRP?
> If not, I'll have to start a campaign of throwing bricks through the 
> windows of traffic cops' homes. (that is a joke, please don't cite me.)
> Oh, well, looks like the old soapbox needs another coat of paint, better 
> get off of it.
> - --Ted Harlan