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TotalSeal rings, IA & detonation

Total Seal rings for the pistons
completed the bottom end. I saw a post about a week ago regarding Total
Seal rings as being suspect in a drivability problem. Something about them
raising the static compression ratio and causing lean surge/stumble @ 3500.
No problem here. 

I think that wuz me. 85 ur-q mit KUQEFH with TotalSeal rings. It appears that
the effective compression ratio may have been raised by both the TotalSeal
rings as well as possibly also by a superior multi-angle race valve job. I have noted
no problems with surge/stumble a-tall. The problem is detonation at part throttle
and low/medium boost levels with the IA Stage II/III F/TCU mod. I believe that the
IA Stage II/III mod's timing is simply too aggressive for the present KUQEFH setup.
The IA Stage II/III was just fine with the stock ur-q engine with K24, no detonation
problems at all, I could even run gutrot 87 octane at pressures below about 10 PSI
with no detonation. The detonation problem with the IA Stage II/III and the new
KUQEFH remains unresolved at this time.

KUQEFH specs attached.



Kuqefh specs.doc