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Invite to new Audi dealership - somewhat long

Dear QListers,

Apologies to those not interested, but last night I attended the launch
of Liverpool's first dedicated Audi dealership, Lancaster Audi, part of
Appleyard UK. The centre opened for business in December 1997, but the
official launch of the dealership was left to coincide with the arrival
of the new S4, represented last night by a bright yellow S4 Avant, non
quattro. Also there was the new S8 quattro...very nice, and John
Bintcliffe with his BTCC A4 quattro. To spice up the evening, Roy Evans,
manager of Liverpool FC, and several of his current team, who are all
Audi drivers incidentally, came along to press the flesh. Lots of food
and drink was provided, accommpanied by a two piece jazz band, and the
whole event had a very stylish feel, very friendly, with no sales pitch

The Managing Director of Audi UK got up after an hour or so to tell all
those assembled that the new building, which was purpose built, has its
design origins from buildings near Ingolstadt, and is the first of 135
such buildings to be built throughout the UK in the coming months/years,
as part of Audi's plan to deliver the Audi experience...don't you just
love sales jargon!!

Their plans seem very ambitious, and as such I expect it won't be long
before other UK Audi owners get a chance to experience their new
approach for themselves.

I picked up a very interesting booklet from the dealership, entitled
'History of the Quattro', filled with lots of nice images of racing
Audis, including this elusive S1. The booklet includes techincal specs.
and lots of other interesting tidbits....might be worth getting a copy,
for those aficionados amongst us!

The BTCC A4 quattro is hugely impressive up close, and as the Audi UK MD
was discussing its demise, and the new FWD replacement, which John
Bintcliffe has been testing at Oulton Park, I wondered what will happen
to such a lovely machine. Anybody happen to know?



Tim Morgan
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