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Re: AC Problem

You wrote:
> I'm a newbie on the list and already enjoyed the topics and found them very
> informative. I own an '87 5K and just a few months ago my AC doesn't seem to
> work on "HI" anymore (only operates on "LO" even when the HI button is
> depressed).

I'll let the other guys comment on this. But, bad blower or resistor 
pack probably.
> Furthermore I notice that water ( or it could be coolant?) had been
> collecting on the front passenger floor board, but I found a solution to
> combat moisture build up by throwing bags of desiccants in there.

Almost surely a bad heater core.  You can get a new one for around 
$65.00 USD.  Installing it is the trick.  8-p ! 



Kurt Wesseling
Technical Support Center
The Education Network of Maine