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Re: Found P700z 215 50 15 ,,,,,

Dan Simoes wrote:

> My mechanic says those tires suck and wonders why everyone
> is looking for them.
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  I really wasn't that impressed with them on my Scirocco either. They
tend to follow groved surfaces more then I'm comfortable with. They
as forgiving as my last set of tires either. However
my Scirocco has always hydroplaned badly in rain until I put the P700s
on it. Now it is very stable in the rain (where I live we've had 60
or 152 cm of rain and counting).
 I also found that by laying my car out in the corners I have quickly
eliminated most of the groved surface problem. I will not pay $165
for a discontinued tire so in all likelyhood I'll be looking for another

performance all season tire if I cannot find a more resonable price.