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Re: Cap'n, #5 is down, 'n I can't hold 'er any longer!

It is not unusual for an engine to have some cylinders running hotter
than others.  Cylinders in the middle or away from the coolant intake
will experience higher temperatures.  Racers have known this for decades
and adjust the pistons clearances, etc. accordingly when building their
engines instead of using the same number for all cylinders.  They also
may modify the head gasket to improve/redistribute the coolant flow
around the engine to get more uniform temperatures.

Now, Audi must certainly have run into these issues in the past and they
probably did something about it.  Does anyone know what the factory
Werks Teams did to overcome the "Hot #5" problem?  Or where they simply
content with rebuilding the engine after each race?

Luis Marques
'87 4kcsq