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Re: ELP Motorsport - BOGUS

In a message dated 3/13/98 6:51:17 AM Pacific Standard Time,
sbabbar@iris.nyit.edu writes:

<< Phil is right that Porsche is not owned by VW. I do think what the other
 lister was trying to point out was the parts/pattern engineering
 (philosophy) similarities and collaborative efforts by Porsche/VW/Audi.
 The 924/944 was a VW before it was a Porsche (sold to p.). There are quite
 a few Audi/VW/Porsche dealerships out there. I really don't think that's a
 coincidence. Point is Audi and Volkswagons are as good as Porsches, but
 engineered for different reasons. >>

LOOK GUYS,   I think my friggin point was well misunderstood, but thanx for
the history lesson.