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Re: Cap'n, #5 is down, 'n I can't hold 'er any longer!

On Fri, 13 Mar 1998, Audial wrote:

> In other words, does the cylinder closest to the throttle body tend to run
> richer than the one at the other end of the intake manifold at high RPM?  It
> sounds counterintuitive to me at first glance, maybe there's nothing to it at
> all.   But I'm thinking that perhaps at WOT, when the intake air is moving at
> a high average velocity _and_ has a high relative density, the air's inertia
> is causing the cylinder closest to the throttle body to run richer than the
> others because more of the intake air just flows right past that that intake
> runner?

	From what I've heard talking to folks that had experience 
building plenum-style intakes, this is exactly what is happening.

	So, the right thing to do would be to tune the manifold to get 
even air distribution.   If that can't be done, then we should feed more 
fuel to the last cylinder.

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