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Re: Supercharging GT Coupe

>Has anyone ever heard of supercharging a Gt coupe? Does anyone make kits for
>it? Is this unreasonable?

No one makes a kit for supercharging the 5-cylinder engine, that I am aware
of.  I believe that Mike Tipton had a custom supercharger on his Coupe GT
for a short time, as a trial run.  (Correct me if I am wrong, Mike.)

Certainly the idea is not unreasonable if you can implement it cheaply.
Most supercharger kits that I have seen run well into the thousands-of-dollars
range, and gain you perhaps 50% over stock.  Often the better solution is
to transplant a turbo I5 into the car.  Done cheaply, this can run close to
the cost of a supercharger, but gives you much greater horsepower potential
(perhaps 100% gain, if you are willing to go there).  Whether or not the
FWD CGT can handle 220hp is a dilemma I wouldn't mind dealing with.  ;)

Someone (Eric Fletcher?) once mentioned on the q-list that the supercharger
in the Ford Thunderbird SuperCoupe was a good match for the I5 engine. 
I do not know if it can be retrofitted to the N/A engine, or how it would
perform, but it may be a cheap alternative for testing if you can find
a used unit.

'85 Coupe GT
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