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I had a dream

I was able to:

1.)	Replace the hot-wire air sensor in my 20v Turbo with a Motorola MAP Sensor (Manifold Air Pressure) 	from expensive to cheap in one motion and less restrictive - I was able to run both simultaneously to 	compare characteristics - switched back an forth to check performance. then I cored out the hot wire

2.)  	Provide a cockpit adjustable wastegate control - hell I had an open architecture format to the ignition , 	fuel and wastegate control maps to allow me to modify parameters and monitor sensor performance 	(not that the Audi's sensors are prone to failure). The system was Windows based so that I could 	output my maps to MathCAD and modify my algorithms as needed to smooth map contour 	irregularities. Hell I was able to write functions to compare sensors and provide a GUI interface with 	voice output.  Hal (OK I was heavily influenced by 60's Sci Fi) "The oil temp indicates normal and the 	coolant temperature is non existent should I limp home now or assume the Coolant Temp Sensor is 	malfunctioning and base a reduced level of performance on the oil temperature".  and Hal last night the 	aux coolant pump failed to operate should I operate the pump after five minutes for 10 days for 5 	minutes  until you have the opportunity to change the thermoswitch.  

3.) 	30 miles to the gallon - ok a performance and economy mode. It's my dream - "Computer - put the 	coals to it - fresh tracks await"  - "Computer - I blew my last $10 at the brewery make the best of the 	remaining 5 gallons"

4.)	Extra sensor inputs so that I could modify individual cylinder performance based upon exhaust gas 	temperature - probable key to improving fuel economy and subsequently performance. as well as 	alternate sensor inputs

I used to have a girlfriend with a Software Ph.D. from UW who could do it -  She was doing the same for high end yachts in Italy last time I saw her.  If I could only find her number. 

Scott Philiben