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Re: '86 5KCSTQ - Euro Light Direct Swap?

>I'll agree partially.....you do need side marker lights, forgot about
>that....but you are referring to the twin bulb light only (Euro
>light)............there is another option of Euro light, (I have one) which
>is a single light with one bulb (H4) made by Bosch,

That's what I meant- it's the NA 100 light. Trapezoidal in shape.

 the light will fit in a
>turbo Q (with the new side maker lights), the old grill will fit, but not
>well, you do need a slanted grill just like the NA 5K,

Ah, you mean that the pieces of the grill where they join the headlight
need to be slanted instead of straight, to fit the trapezoidal lights. I
thought you were referring to the grill itself.

 the Bosch single bulb
>light has also a parking bulb in it, the lens on this light is glass and
>also removable (attached with clips)...........

I know, there's a pair of those lying in my spare bedroom. ;-)


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