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Re: Cops, Valentine One (re: CT tickets)

At 12:57 PM 3/13/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Hmmmmm...Here's one that I'm in the process of trying to beat.  I got
>nailed with lidar in CT doing 76 in a 55.  There was one other car on the
>road (in front of me), and he pulled both of us over.  He gave us a huge
>break -- failure to obey a posted sign, $60 no points.  Unfortunately
>insurance doesn't care about the points, its the violation that they'll
>nail me for and I'll be looking at a 10-20% increase for 3-5 years.
>Here's the catch...on the ticket, he wrote down the state where the vehicle
>was registered as PA, not VA.  I've never driven a car with PA
>registration.  Think I've got a chance, or should I just suck it up and pay
>the fine?

        It has been my experience (twice) that CT state troopers (was it a
statie? - sounds like it as it sounds like a highway incident) are _very_
reasonable.  I would think that a judge is going to know that and not
tolerate much shenanigans when a citation is issued.  As far as I know, the
citation is issued to the driver, not the car.  I think they could probably
write "Yugo" for "car" and "Bulgaria" for "state" and still have you.  But
I'm no lawyer.

        Also, and let's hope Ins. Co.'s don't have lurkers here, the CT
no-point citation I received (I am not a CT licensee) and paid never showed
up on my insurance report/rates.