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Re: temperature gauge question

The sending unit commonly goes bad at the engine.


Dixon wrote:

> What are possible causes for intermittent operation of the temperature
> gauge on an '89 100?  Following the Bentley procedure, I have checked
> the resistance of both sensors on the upper cooling hose ( ~3.3k ohms at
> 50 deg F and ~230-250 ohms when hot) and the voltage on the connecting
> harness (4.95V on one terminal and 4.75V on the other).
> 3.3k ohms is above the spec. in the manual, but the resistance does seem
> to change properly versus temperature.  Is there something in the gauge
> unit itself (I don't look forward to the idea of dash disassembly) that
> typically fails?  It appears aggravated at cold temperature.  Thanks for
> reading.
> Adam Dixon
> '89 100  130k
> biwltud@bellsouth.net