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Re: tire discussion

To add to Dan's list:

BTW, great "why" explainations Dan.


Can't help there...we don't need em here in sunny, er rainy CA. except in the
snow regions (Tahoe, etc.).

Performance/Summer Tires:

Yokohama AVS
Bridgestone S1
Toyo Proxes T1
and many more I'm not as aware of...

All-season tires:

Adding to the explainations...these are what make sense for budget minded
quattro owners in CA. They give decent perfomance in the dry times...yet allow
us our once or twice a year trip to the snow without changing to snows or
being required to use (gasp) chains.

There are more and more choices coming along in this catagory. Once these were
not regarded as serious performance tires...today many are better that the
"summer only" tires of not too many years ago.

Toyo Proxes Z1 (I have these right now and love them...very nice surprise,
better than P6's were way back when and have M&S rating)
Toyo Proxes FZ1 (for you 50/55 series folks)
SP4000 (I'm pretty sure has a M&S rating).

And I'm sure there are more to add...so with that I'll pass the batton, er
tire iron.

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq

Mike Veglia