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RE: 2002 - No More Turbos

Interesting comments, all. I've been lurking a lot lately (have no Torsen
experience and can't afford EFI!) I'm sure this will happen. Turbos
curently seem out of fashion, probably because of the "crutch" association
(what, couldn't afford a *real* engine?) and (often imaginary) durability
problems. Because of underwhelming demand for this feature, the OEMs will
likely not spend much time/$ in solving emissions problems with forced
induction. I for one feel this is a retrograde step. I think turbocharging
is as much a part of a well-utilized engine as fuel injection is. I have
yet to see any serious downside to forced induction, and would have to
think long and hard to consider a car *without* it. My experience
consists of this Audi (87 5kt) 2 Saabs, and a Chrysler (whoops!) with
turbo power. My mother, sister, and brother also own turbo Saabs, and my
father can add four more Saabs and a Maserati to that list. None of these
cars has ever suffered turbo-related mech problems. Anecdotal, yes, but
enough to convince this buyer. Everything should make at least 70hp/liter!
Rob 87 5kt. 178k, 130+mph, 25 mpg, 2226 cc. Nuff said:)