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Re: 323 - was Cheap Thrills - Rallycross

>>Actually, if you ever drive a 323 GTX, you'll quickly be humbled by it's
>>abilities, but will forget about your qualms about the car just as
>>quickly.  The 323 GTX is a very predictable and a very forgiving car to
>I don't doubt all of that, but, I don't think I would be very happy
>commuting 150 miles
>and 2.5-3 hours per day in a little japanese buzz-bomb.

I agree absolutely on this point,having lived through head on collissions
in both a 323 & a Ur-q.  I walked away from both, the Ur-q one because its
structural integrity & the 323 due to much luck & lower speed involved.

This is the #1 reason I dont have a WRX as a daily driver.


John Firkins