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Sarge Shutt's Front Spoiler (Was: Re: 91 200 tqw project)

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That sounds pretty much to a 'T' what I have on my car. The rubber is
very firm, but still flexible/curb-proof. The End caps are square on two
sides but they round up at the end to finish it off nicely. The mounting
hardware is metal screws/bolts with *plastic* nuts. None have broken
ripped in my 'endurance testing' (Curbs/parkinglots, nose divets on dirt
roads, deep snow etc). It hangs down a little more than 2 inches
(guessitmate from memory - but 2 & 3/8's sounds right). For $69.95, I'd
say it's worth it. It should last forever. HTH, FWIW.



"Douglas Hurst Quebbeman" <dougq@iglou.com> wrote:


>On page 74 of J. C. Whitney catalog #612E, there is
a generic "Low-profile Front Air Dam/Spoiler"
(for all vehicles) that looks very much like the
one that was on Sarge's 200TQ when he bought it.

>It's made of hi-impact extruded rubber, and has end-
caps that allow you to taylor its length for any
application. It's 2 & 3/8ths inches tall, and goes
for $69.95.

>Of course, it may not be the same item, you know
how it's hard to tell sometimes from those line
drawings in the J.C. Whitney catalog just exactly
what you're looking at.

>doug q"