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re: Cops, etc. (No Q content)

> I've had to sign every ticket I've ever received.  This was to
> acknowledge receipt of the ticket or something like that.  It was not an
> admission of guilt.  Anyway, don't they make you sign the ticket in CT
> for similar reasons?  I realize that the date being incorrect sounds like a
> nice way out of the ticket, but it's hard to hide the fact that you were
> there if you signed the ticket.  Hmmm.....

Which is why you should make a habit of NOT signing them, or just
scribbling something that may vaguely recall your name if the first
thought terrifies you.

"Well, no, no I can't say that is definately my signature, your honor.
Looks kind of like a line with a cross through it to me."
"Life is too short to drive a minivan."

Dwight Varnes
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