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Re: 2002 - No More Turbos

I have to say that I am not thrilled with the idea of turbos 
going away, it's just that emmisions is creating a selection
process where certian engine type will vannish, rotaries first,
then what?

I believe that Porsche is doing alot of the engineering work
on the various turbo cars that Robert mentioned.  I have
long suspected both Saab, Volvo and Audi use Weissach as a a contract
engineering house.  Two cases for, 1.) RS2 demostrates link
to Ingolstat 2.) I5 Turbo shows up in anothers line as soon as
it goes away from Audi's.  Volvo, Saab, and Audi are some of
the smaller car firms, and Porsche does more business on 
contract consulting than selling cars.  Does Weissach have what it
takes to make it into the next century? probably.  But I still 
don't understand the technical issues involved very well.

paul timmerman