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RE: tire discussion

> Winter/Snows
> ------------
> Why:
 I'm a California boy born and raised. I no nothing about snow tires.
I have driven in the snow. It's kind of like short track racing in mud.
Seriously, my family and I are getting interested in winter sports. I
am considering the "two sets of tires" option for next year. I'll
be interested in many of your opinions on this subject.

> Performance/Summer Tires:
> Why: 
> You've made the choice to get snows for the winter, now treat yourself
> to a high performance tire that is not compromised by a M&S rating
> and design.  You want great handling, low road noise, excellent wet
> weather performance.  You might even use these on the track.
> Top Choices:
> - Bridgestone RE71
> - Dunlop D40M2
> - Dunlop SP8000
> - Dunlop SP9000
> - Yokohama A509
I have had two sets of 509s on my Scirocco and my wife's Jetta GLi
currently has a set of them. I really like this tire. I found it to slip just
right to be grippy but also be very forgiving. The 509 wouldn't just break
lose. It would allow me to really control the car as it begin to drift. 
They remind of a soft skateboard wheel I had as a teenager-they were orange
and very smooth to ride on. I don't know many people that like the 509.
> All-season tires
> ----------------
> Why:  
> You live or drive in a area with little or no snow.
> You want a tire that can deal with the occasional snowfall,
> but that will also be comfortable for the other 3 seasons.
> You realize that there is no such thing as a "perfect 4 season
> tire", and you are willing to accept those limitations.
> Top Choices:
> - Dunlop D60/A2 JLB
> - BFG Comp TA HR4/VR4
> - Continental CH95
No experience with any of these but the now infamous P700z has
given very impressive in the rain. I thought it might also make a nice
tire for fair weather snow trips. I am looking for a good A/S so
I'll enjoy seeing what others have to add.