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Good news/bad news...

So I get home from work, open the garage to see whether the Eurovan
shortblock was delivered today as promised and see a large wooden crate
sitting over in the corner...  :^)

I go back inside to change into my "work clothes" so I don't get my *real*
work clothes dirty and walk though the kitchen, where I see a note from my
mother on the counter (she had graciously offered to babysit the house this
morning and wait for the freight company to show up): "The crate fell apart
while it was being unloaded & the motor fell from the tailgate to the ground
... hope it didn't hurt anything.  Love, M-"  :^(

I took a quick look at it and didn't see anything obviously wrong ... here's
hoping, anyway.  I finally decide to build myself a REAL motor for my Ur-Q
and *this* is how the project starts ... oh, well.

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