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Re: 2002 - No More Turbos

Let's not get all worked up, yet, anyway.................turbos actually can
be cleaner than NA engines.......(excluding the NOX problem)
As for the direct injection, I was involved in investigating a system for 2
cycle engine (and 4 cycle), very impressive...............was much much
cleaner than the carb. system (on the 2 cycle) and had as much power and
response, BTW developed locally (CA),
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Subject: Re: 2002 - No More Turbos

>I have to say that I am not thrilled with the idea of turbos
>going away, it's just that emmisions is creating a selection
>process where certian engine type will vannish, rotaries first,
>then what?
>I believe that Porsche is doing alot of the engineering work
>on the various turbo cars that Robert mentioned.  I have
>long suspected both Saab, Volvo and Audi use Weissach as a a contract
>engineering house.  Two cases for, 1.) RS2 demostrates link
>to Ingolstat 2.) I5 Turbo shows up in anothers line as soon as
>it goes away from Audi's.  Volvo, Saab, and Audi are some of
>the smaller car firms, and Porsche does more business on
>contract consulting than selling cars.  Does Weissach have what it
>takes to make it into the next century? probably.  But I still
>don't understand the technical issues involved very well.
>paul timmerman