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87 4kq and lack of electricals

Yesterday was a bad day for me, must have been the full moon.  I was
traveling up I-405 north of Bellevue WA and got caught in the usual slow
down from an accident.  I looked down just as the traffic was about to
break and the temp gauge was a the top with the coolant light flashing.  I
accelerated up to speed and moved the heater over to high to get as much
cooling as possible and the temp dropped quickly.  I managed to limp to
Bothell Import Service, making sure I kept the speed up for cooling
purposes (really officer).

I realized my blower fan wasn't working, neigher were the power windows.  I
could get them to work when I turn on the headlights and pull back the high
beam switch, but no other time.  So, the fuses are OK since they work with
the above method, but at no other time.  That points to a ground problem.
Lyle checked and the ground to the engine was fine.  I was able to limp
home since I was still a long way from home and turned the car off at
lights, since I didn't want to add anymore heat.

Today I cleaned the ground straps to the engine, just to make sure, along
with the battery terminals.  I get out the bentley and it says that these
systems that are down have a common ground.  They are at the "wiring
harness, front left" and the other is "wiring harness, dashboard".  Also,
my headlights aren't working, except for when I pull back to "flash to
pass"  When I melted a light switch in the past, the dash lights went out
when I turned it to the headlights, in this case all dash lights still

I have checked the ground points in the drivers footwell and they didn't do
anything, and peeked under the fuse box, and things look in place up there.
Does anyone have suggestions for me?  I am taking the car in next week to
have the timing belt and other engine work done, but I would like to get it
there without melting down.  I don't want to have to flatbed it there,
major PITA.  The car starts and runs fine, it has just lost some key
electical circuits.  Humm, flaky electrical on a German car, that NEVER

Please respond directly and to the list if you wouldn't mind.


John Eickerman - mailto:jke@wolfenet.com or mailto:jke@sprintmail.com

1987 Audi 4000CSq - TSW Blades, Pirelli P700z, Bosch Euros, Blau Vancouver