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Where should I start?

1.)I would really like to be a mechanic.  Since you all don't know me, take my
fiance's word that I read manuals for fun.  I am in love with cars.  Not just
any cars, but european cars.  I used to think Audi's were ok, mainly because I
hadn't driven one yet, but now they have grown to take over my heart.  They
are just awesome.
   I have looked into mechanic school, but they tend to work mostly on
domestic cars, for obvious reasons.  I want to specifically work on Audi's,
but because I live in such a small area, the dealership wants just experienced
people, not that those guys would ever leave. But that doesn't matter, what I
want to do is either work on modifing Audi's for the track or my ultimate
dream: work on pro-rally cars.
   So where should I go?  I live in Fairmont, WV, about 2 hours south of
Pittsburg, PA.  Any info would be greatly appreciated.
   BTW: If there is anyone out there willing to teach me or give me a job, I
would relocate, HONEST!  

2.)Because I live in little Fairmont, there is precious little racing in my
area, unless you count drag racing and dirt track.  While those are fine
sports for the people who like them, they are not my cup of tea.  I want to
rally!  Or be a part of one in any way.  So where is the closest place I can
get involved in?  I would like to do this legally, because driving my old '82
WV Quantum wagon around a strip mine is only so cool.  (If you are interested
in that story just ask.)

So there are my questions, any info would help!


P.S.  My dad found an '89 V8 Quattro Sedan  with 120,000 on the clock for
$9800, and he didn't trade his '92 Toyota Camry in on it!  What is the
punishment for that?!   (People in West Virginia just don't understand what a
good car is!)