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Re: Rotor Heaven, the addiction behind the question.

Uhm, hello... I'm new here tonight... my name is Gross... and I'm... I'm...
a Pack Rat.  There, I've said it in public and I'm glad it's in the open...
kind of a weight off my shoulders, y'know.  I've read that they don't know
what causes it, and I guess I don't care, but I've got it bad... always
have.  I'm thinkin it must be genetic, or at least inherited... cause
couple a'years ago I was in the attic at my Dad's place and I found
something that begun to explain my cravins to keep stuff.  I found a shoe
box marked "string too short to keep."  Suddenly I knew why I had kept
every magazine I ever bought, ("... Honey, I'm not finished with 'em,") and
why I have two refrigerator boxes full of twigs from the yard, ("It's
kindlin', Sweetheart...), and why my clothes closet has stacks of shirts I
haven't been able to get into for years, (... Yes, dear, but I'm workin' on
a lifetime supply of shop rags.)  

Well, I confronted m' Dad about the shoe box in the attic and he got kinda
defensive and mad an' all and tried to lie his way out of it by saying it
was mislabeled.  Claimed it should have said "string too short to _use_!" 
Well I knew he was in denial about his 'problem', but I'm a site better
knowin' where I come by mine.  Ya' understand, now... doncha?

I'm not sure some of you understand the anxiety you cause when suggesting
that something should be.... 'thrown away'... there, I've said it.  For
more than a quarter of a century now my wife and I have been having an
ongoing ... uh, debate, regarding the keeping of things.  My wife doesn't
understand me.  She continues to refer to my 'collections' using such
ignorant terms as junk, and trash, and the cruelest of all... clutter.  Why
I'd rather carry something around with me than throw it away.  Although I
suppose that does explain the large backpack and my stooped posture, but
such is my burden.

But all this reflection has given me an idea of what to do with the OEM
rotors I just took off my '87 5kCSq.  Think I'll clean 'em up a bit and
paint 'em red... or robin's egg blue and put some loops of silver wire on
the edge.  My wife's birthday is coming up and she's been hinting for some
earrings.  Won't she be pleased that I'm actually using my collection for a
good purpose.  And she'll have a guaranteed lifetime of gifts.  I feel
better already!

All kidding aside, now... does anyone have any ideas how I can use these
rotors... they're too good to throw out, and they're getting rusty, so do
hurry.  Maybe a separate list... just for us specialists.

Wasted BW?  No, no, no... I'm _saving_ my sanity, if you catch my drift.

Regards, Gross Scruggs
Accumulating in Monterey
(Does anyone else save the old stuff that comes off your car? Please say