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fluids for A4

I'm a new A4 owner. I've been studying the owner's documentation, but can't
find much in the way of capacities and specifications for anything beyond
the engine oil.

I also have a Mitsubishi Eclipse AWD, and after the break-in period, I
replaced all the fluids with their synthetic counterparts - transmission,
transfer case (the Mitsu has a bevel-gear box to turn the drive 90 degrees)
and rear differential. It can get mighty cold up here in Maine in the
winter, and the synthetics make everything turn a little easier.

I would like to do the same to the A4 (the Eclipse is all-original
drivetrain - including clutch - at 130K miles) but I have no idea regarding
capacities, recommended weights and specs. (I hope I can find the drain and
fill plugs.)

Can anyone point me to a resource? Thanks.

Steve Patriquen, Portland, ME, USA - 98 A4Q T1.8 sport